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OUR MISSION in employing young adults with autism & special needs through unique, rebellious fashion. It’s our fight back towards the conventional horror in the industry, minimal, to no employable opportunities for autistic individuals. Founder, Ryan DeCant, Artist / Designer, use to make a living as a special needs teacher. Industry Horror has become the perfect way to synthesize his love of art and his goal of helping autistic adults gain the independence they need to follow their own passions, creativity, and dreams.


Even more so, we are aiming to inspire other employers as well, with evidence, understanding, and educational information based on our own experience. By employing young autistic adults, and special needs, we are contributing to our community. Our philosophy is simple: to continue a safe, supportive, and kind work environment where amazing people can flourish, develop new skills, and earn their way to achieve their own goals, while becoming functioning, self-supporting members of society at their individual pace.

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